Kitsune in human society

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Kitsune in human society

Post  Wakko on Mon May 07, 2012 5:39 pm

Kitsune in human society are mostly resemble humans. Kitsune who have been raised in human communities rarely appear in their true form, instead opting to resemble humans, although resembling one of Tian ancestry. They have even been known to mate with humans. On rare occasions, this will actually produce a true Kitsune, capable of changing their shape. If the Kitsune is the father, such children are often killed. Kitsune mothers (with human fathers) will most often raise the child in secret, until it has learned to assume the form of a human. On rare occasions, a Kitsune will mate with a local fox, which will rarely produce a Kitsune offspring. Such Kitsune are as rare as halfling barbarians. Most do not survive.

Only one in three Kitsune can take the shape of a fox.

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