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Namkitu Show

Post  Wakko on Sun May 13, 2012 6:53 am

Like all performers, Namkitu loves putting on a great show. He actually has two shows, one for children and one for adults.

Namkitu's children's show features the antics of the Last Chance Adventuring Company. The stories feature tales of adventure mixed with jokes so bad that only a child could find them funny. It features six characters, all loveable but goofy. There is the dual sword wielding brothers, Ham on Rye and Yipper, who would be truly dangerous if not for their inability to hit anything. There is also an archer, Hawkeye. Hawkeye is actually nearly blind, and has to be shown which way to shoot. The tales feature the swashbuckling of Zorro Rojo (which means Red Fox in Tian). Zorro fancies himself a dashing young swordsman, but surprises everyone when he actually hits. The stories also feature Cackles, who cannot seem to stop laughing, even at the most inopportune times. And finally, there is Father Go, an ancient fountain of wisdom, who always provides a morale to each story. Namkitu never charges for these performances.

Namkitu's nightly performances at the Rusty Dragon are pure comedy of the adult variety. Almost no one is above being skewered by Namkitu's insults and stories. He performs to the level of his crowd. If the story is told just right, the subject won't know he has been insulted until much later. His recent experiences, particularly with a merchant with his butt on fire running from three goblins, are reflected in his act. Anything he gets from these performances is used as meal money, with the leftover change going to a poor family struggling to make ends meet.

OOC: My character's comic style is old school, along the lines of Groucho Marx, Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, Robin Williams. My jokes are never crude or vulgar, but I do have a lot of double meanings, which hopefully the audience will get without too much trouble. While I am not above knocking my own lack of fighting skills, I save my best jokes for those I have seen in action.


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Kai the critic

Post  Wedge on Mon May 14, 2012 11:00 am

Kai catches one of Kit's shows. He does not say anything to Kit. Of course not. He does give him a look. A look that expresses the following: "While somewhat amusing for the target (read: immature) audience. The characters, as well as the plot, are completely derivative. Is there no originality in show business anymore? Over all, I give it 2 and 1/2 out of 4 stars, where 1 star is the entertainment value equivalent to watching dung decompose and 4 stars is looking into Ameiko's eyes for hours on end."


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