Jo-Dahn's Physical Description

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Jo-Dahn's Physical Description

Post  girdnas on Thu May 17, 2012 8:24 pm

Jo-dahn has numerous tattoos upon the right side of his body, all of black geometric patterns tracing his entire right arm and upper chest. They extend up his neck on the same side but end abruptly at the dividing line, the center of his body, dividing his right and left exactly. His left side is also tattooed, but rather than black patterns this side is bright with colorful plants, animals, scenes, and individual creatures. They depict so much jumbled together, it is hard to tell what the picture is of but certain things are clearly central to the theme, including his "pet" bird sitting with eyes closed in a nest made of light surrounded by a black-furred shape with eyes of blood and fangs of daggers. Other more immediately noticeable scenes include an image of a stone platform with clutching claw-like pillars under a cloud filled with vague outlines of humanoid forms, and dancing beings with too-large heads and maniacally gleeful features that appear several times, always performing some sort of mischief. The detail is phenomenal and the artwork is exquisite and realistic.

Jo-dahn also draws attention due to his partially shaven head. He keeps the right side of his head shaved, while the left is allowed to grow long, reaching to his midriff. His face is the opposite, with the facial hair on the right allowed to grow in and the left kept clean. He laughs frequently, showing gleaming teeth, and always has an odd twinkle in his eyes. His skin is pale where it shows through the ink, and his body is quite thin but not to the point of frailty. His usual garb consists of a long cloak of some kind of stiffened leaf or grass substance with a high collar. His chest is kept bare with leather straps criss-crossing it. Dangling pouches and oddities run the length of these straps. Upon his back is usually slung a wide, flexible basket which holds whatever strange belongings he keeps under a folded blanket that serves as a nest for his familiar, Wo-juhn. He covers his lower body with a twisting color-stained cloth wrapping, usually worn as pants or a skirt, sometimes as a loin cloth, and even as a diaper on occasion. On his feet are short boots of hard leather that are worn and missing the laces, leaving the tongues hanging forward.


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