Jo's Interactions with the NPCs

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Jo's Interactions with the NPCs

Post  girdnas on Sun May 27, 2012 11:52 pm

Having read the Relationship building section of the JRPG, I want to get started. Starting Relationship scores with all NPC's are equal to a PC's Charisma mod at first, so Jo starts out sucking.

For the NPC we've taken our Trait for, we get a one-time +4 bonus, so my Relationship Score with Koya is 3 and everyone else -1 at 1st level.

Companionship increases the Score by 1 each time we level, so we have 2 points automatically at 3rd.

Finally, Gifts and Insults can be used once per level to try to increase our R.S. It says there are 3 categories of gifts and insults that work in this manner. One of them is supposed to be told to us at the beginning of the Campaign. The other two we have to try to figure out on our own.

Attempting to Gift or Insult is done by using Diplomacy or Intimidate. The DC is the current R.S. with that NPC. Success raises the R.S. by 1 point, or 2 points if you exceed the DC by 10 or more. (GM can give +4 or -4 depending on the situation or role-playing of the event)

Since we jumped right into level 2, would we be allowed to make those checks for our association with the NPC's before the caravan actually departed? If so, I will list what Jo does at level 1 and level 2 to attempt to raise his R.S.

Jo's Relationships

Koya - Though Jo was a handful as a child, he would frequently bring small apology gifts to Niska and Koya after his outbursts. Usually, these were small bits of jewelry made from flowers and vines while he was wandering the outskirts of the town. When Niska was nearing death, Jo returned as if he knew. He stayed by her side every moment, until she passed, and spoke with her at length about life and death, told her stories, and helped Koya take care of her. He also comforted Koya, who was naturally sad to see her mother passing on, saying that the otherkind respected them both greatly and would ensure her spirit would pass on unhindered.

For his 1st lvl Gift, Jo would simply have helped Koya prepare for her long journey, speaking of Niska as if she were traveling with us in spirit, and telling Koya many things Niska said about her in quiet moments such as how proud she was of her daughter. He makes sure certain personal items of Niska's go with us on the journey, offering to carry anything Koya feels is unnecessary but reminds her of her mother.

Rolled a 17 on Diplomacy with a DC of 3, increasing R.S by 2.

For his 2nd lvl Gift, Jo found a piece of jewelry that he thinks Koya would like, especially anything that bears a symbol of Desna or anything related to good fortune for a long journey. He also makes sure Koya has her favorite tea hot and ready each morning when she awakens, preparing it while communing with his patron before dawn.

Rolled a 6 with a DC of 5, increasing R.S. by 1 plus 1 lvl bonus.

For his 3rd lvl Gift, Jo makes certain to frequently take Koya out on walks away from the caravan when we are at rest, first scouting the area to ensure it is safe and finding quiet places of natural beauty to share with her that would have been missed by staying in her wagon all the time.

Rolled a 1 with a DC of 7, not increasing RS but + 1 lvl bonus.

For 4th lvl, Jo simply continues spending time with Koya. He makes sure she is always informed in detail of what has happened to the group, asking her advice on the matters at hand. He has great respect for her wisdom and opinion, and it shows.

Rolled a 21 with DC of 8, increasing RS by 2 + 1 lvl bonus.

For 5th lvl, Jo gives the mugs to everyone so using that as my Gift for Koya.

Rolled a 7 with DC of 11, not increasing RS +1 lvl bonus.

For 6th lvl, Jo confides to Koya that he is beginning to feel something strange, a wonderful sickness he has never felt, and wonders what is wrong. After talking about it, she realizes it seems to only happen when Shalelu is around. He thanks Koya for showing him what his mind refused to see and asks her for her blessing in his pursuit of Shalelu's heart.

Rolled a 16 with DC of 12, increasing RS by 1 + 1 lvl bonus.

Current R.S. at lvl 7 is 14.

Sandru - Jo hated Sandru as a kid. He was everything Jo was not and even their mutual abandonment did not bridge that gap. Sandru did not help, as he looked down on Jo at times, thinking ill of him for the trouble he gave to Koya and Niska as a boy. Though Jo does not hate him any longer, Sandru does not know this. The misconception is not helped by the fact that Jo loves to use his knowledge of Sandru to subtly taunt him about various topics. Jo also plays practical jokes on Sandru but only in ways that can not be traced back to Jo. Still, Sandru suspects him any time something happens that is embarrassing or annoying.

For his 1st lvl Insult, Jo would have simply said in passing, a subtle jibe about the planned caravan trip, that if he had a dangerous sibling he would leave town out of fear as well.

Rolled a 17 Intimidate with a DC of -1 so R.S. goes up by 2.

For his 2nd lvl Insult, Jo would have openly made jokes regarding the quality of Sandru's caravan to others but within Sandru's hearing, saying things about the horses looking so weak it might be faster if Wo-juhn, his dodo, were pulling the wagons or wondering if Sandru bought the wagons off goblins at a discount.

Rolled a 24 Intimidate with a DC of 1 so R.S. goes up by 2.

For his 3rd lvl Insult, Jo made fun of Sandru on several occasions in front of the others, specifically suggesting Sandru hates to get his hands dirty because it might mess up his hair, among other things.

Rolled a 17 Intimidate with a DC of 3 so R.S. goes up by 2.

For his 4th lvl, Jo continued saying embarrassing or insulting half-truths and exaggerations about Sandru.

Rolled a 7 with DC of 5, RS goes up by 1.

For 5th lvl, Jo did the horns and made fun of Sandru subtly in his speech, garnering a laugh from the audience at his expense.

Rolled a 5 with a DC of 6, not increasing RS.

For 6th lvl, Jo gets back at Sandru's crap joke by occasionally using his spells and abilities on travel days to wait until he goes into the woods to do #2, then stealing whatever wiping implement he brought and replacing it with poison ivy-type leaves. He gets away with this by using his flight while in a small vermin form and prehensile hair.

Rolled a 7 with a DC of 6, RS goes up by 1.

+2 for roleplaying according to GM post

Current R.S. at 7th level = 9

Shilelu - There were a few times when Shilelu and Jo spent nights together in the wilds, especially during the first years that he spent wandering. After all, he was only a child and Shilelu never seemed put off as much as the others by his odd behavior. Curiosity and a lack of tact made for interesting conversations about Shilelu's people, the elves, and he would unknowingly and innocently compliment both her beauty and prowess. She taught him much of what he knows about surviving in the wilds.

For his 1st lvl Gift, Jo brought back a water-resistant blanket made from hundreds of dodo feathers upon his return. He told her it was crafted by friends of his which she can identify by description as Brownies. He was told by them that only one who is devoted to the protection of the natural world would appreciate its beauty, and he gives it to Shilelu as a gift in thanks for the times she sheltered and protected him and taught him to do so on his own.

Rolled an 11 Diplomacy with a DC of -1 increasing R.S. by 2.

For his 2nd lvl Gift, Jo would have tried to give her one of the Fireworks taken from the Goblin Chief as a token of his defeat. He takes note whether this seems to please her or not. If not, he would have given her something for her hair, such as natural ingredients used in dying he was able to find during the travels through the swamp or an irridescent feather from Wo-Juhn to stick in her pony tail.

Rolled a 15 Diplomacy with a DC of 1, increasing R.S. by 2.

For his 3rd lvl Gift, Jo has been tinkering with the Fireworks he has collected throughout the journey. He has learned much (1 rank in Craft: Fireworks) and used that knowledge to reconfigure a few of the Skyrockets he has. He gives 3 of them to Shilelu, telling her they can be used to alert the caravan to danger. One will now explode with blue light, indicating all is clear. One will explode with Red, indicating danger is in that direction. One will explode with Orange, indicating Shilelu herself is in trouble and needs help.

Rolled a 9 on Diplomacy with a DC of 3, increasing R.S. by 1.

For 4th lvl, Jo brings Shilelu interesting tidbits from our travels, telling her details of our experiences. He questions her on any knowledge she may have of the creatures we have encountered, and shares in turn his lore of the planar and arcane beings.

Rolled a 13 wit DC of 4, increasing RS by 1.

For 5th lvl, Jo did the mugs and gave Shalelu a bow when he mentioned worthy companions in his speech.

Rolled a 19 with DC of 5, increasing by 2.

For 6th lvl, Jo left the golden astrolabe for her as a navigation tool and gift. He frequently attempts to sneak up on her now that he can fly, but never succeeds, instead making it a habit to "get caught" and telling her it is for her own good, to keep her senses sharp, with a friendly wink. Often they walk together after that or he shares her midday meal, which she otherwise takes alone while acting as a scout for the caravan.

Rolled a 22 with DC of 7, increasing RS by 2 plus 1 for Level bonus.

Current R.S. at 7th lvl = 10

Ameiko - Jo never looks twice at Ameiko, and perhaps this annoys her considering every other male in town fills her boot prints with drool at her passing. He also was caught a few times using rooms in the Rusty Dragon without payment or permission. More than once he was forced to wash dishes or clean latrines to pay for his stay. Though Jo's anger at that has dissipated, he still looks right through Ameiko, barely acknowledging her when she speaks. He doesn't even do it on purpose.

For his 1st Lvl Insult, Jo will bring up the subject of her families nefarious dealings, quite nonchalantly and not actively intending to bother her. He does wonder aloud if there is possibly a family curse that is the cause of all her ill luck and offers to keep an eye on her for signs of madness.

Rolled a 20 on Intimidate with a DC of -1, increasing R.S. by 2.

For his 2nd Lvl Insult, Jo plays a prank on Ameiko while she sleeps, drawing a black moustache on her using his Prehensile Hair and some hard-to-wash-off dye of some sort. His mocking laughter echoes in her ears annoyingly that morning.

Rolled a 20 on Initimidate with a DC of 1, increasing R.S. by 2.

For his 3rd Lvl Insult, Jo's dodo waits until Ameiko is asleep then snuggles up with her and by morning, is sitting with his feather butt right by her face. It always squawks and runs off just as she is about to try to grab it or do anything harmful, as if it can sense what she is thinking.

Rolled an 18 on Intimidate with a DC of 3, increasing R.S. by 2.

For his 4th lvl, he made a snide comment about her Queenliness staying safe and comfy in her Royal Carriage while the brave do all the real fighting.

Rolled a 19 with DC of 5, increasing RS by 2.

For 5th lvl, dodo stole her boot one morning and ran off with it. She had to chase it for a half an hour until it finally squawked and dropped it in a thorn bush when she reached for a ranged weapon. I was strangely absent during that time. Dodo hid behind Koya who he knows will protect him after that.

Rolled a 26 wth DC of 7, increasing RS by 2.

For 6th lvl, Jo made that comment about her not being a fit ruler due to her brash and careless attitude.

Rolled a 21 with DC of 9, increasing RS by 2.

+1 for roleplaying according to GM post.

Current R.S. at 7th Lvl = 12

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Re: Jo's Interactions with the NPCs

Post  Wedge on Mon May 28, 2012 12:10 pm

girdnas wrote:

For his 2nd Lvl Insult, Jo plays a prank on Ameiko while she sleeps, drawing a black moustache on her using his Prehensile Hair and some hard-to-wash-off dye of some sort. His mocking laughter echoes in her ears annoyingly that morning.

Current R.S. at 3rd Lvl = 5

Keep in mind that if a certain less-sane-more-homicidal of Ameiko's admirers notices this action, a certain half-bald man-witch mind find that his remaining hair has been shaved off and given as gift to Ameiko .... Just saying....


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