Mitsubishi Sedan

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Mitsubishi Sedan

Post  Wedge on Tue Oct 23, 2012 2:22 pm

Mitsubishi is Ameiko's cousin and a scion of the Amatatsu. When Ameiko's family left, Mitshubishi's was forced into hiding. His parents were tracked down and killed when Mitsubishi was still a baby but he was rescued and raised daimo as an adopted son. Teased and bullied by his elder, legitimate brothers, Mitsubishi nevertheless became a brave and honorable warrior but completely ignorant of his lineage.

This all changed a few month ago (about a week after the party opened the box for the first time). A powerful wielder of magic revealed to Mitsubichi who he was and that Ameiko's party was on the way. He quickly left his home to join the party and place Ameiko on the throne.


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