wizard (will think of a name later)

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wizard (will think of a name later)

Post  Bella on Thu Feb 28, 2013 6:30 pm

It had been a while since he had felt so relaxed. He had been a family friend of the Mo Pho’s for so long, but the oppressiveness he felt tutoring the young master was just unbearable. Dam Mo Pho always objected to him even being in the house. He was probably too positive of an influence for her.

So when Ugli Mo Pho asked him to deliver a message to the rightful heir to the jade throne, he jumped at the chance, though he would miss the young master.

He breathed out a happy sigh as he entertained the kids at the fort. It was simple magic really, but the kids loved it. “Open the gates” a guard yelled, causing him to glance up.

As the gates opened, he saw that Ameiko was correct. Ugli’s son, Kai, was indeed traveling with her. He had not seen Kai since he ran away. He looked well, but something was odd about him. Deranged even. Probably got that from his mother, Dam Mo Pho.

And what the heck was with that other guy. He had a giant bird sitting on his head and was mumbling to himself… and his hair… He just could not understand youth today… he though as he signed to himself.

He then saw some guy with a strange weapon…. He had seen one before.. what was it called.. a gun? A dark cloud hung over him… He got the feeling something bad may happen to him. Then, one person, a bard maybe, jumped off his horse and prostrate himself before Ameiko, handing her jewels and flowers… kissing her very feet.

Eventually he was invited over and he explained why he was there. He brought a plan from Ugli to get rid of Dam once and for all. This would help Ameiko gain alliances with some powerful samurai. They agreed. Even Kai did, which surprised him a little. He willingly accepted killing his own mother even without seeing her for so long.

It was a bit unnerving but she had it coming.

The party shortly returned victorious and they had a small feast in their honor. They then started to do some plans on what to do next.

He was to return to Ugli to resume the young masters study in the morning, but seeing the freedom the adventures had made him long for the times he himself explored dangerous locations.

He got up from his bench and arched his back, stretching. The ground shook under him as a boulder disintegrated the top of one of the towers. A booming voice echoed throughout the courtyard announcing an attack on the fort. People everywhere were scrambling. He started running to the gates to help defend them when a cloud started moving throughout the courtyard. He heard the screams of agony as people were enveloped by the cloud. A soldier bumped into a child in his attempt to flee, knocking the child to the ground.

He raced to the boy and covered him with his body, casting a protective spell on him. He felt the cloud cover him. His own screams were covered by those of others. In his dreams, he can still see his flesh dripping to the ground, bubbling.


He was alive, but severely disfigured. Months later, his face still felt like it was on fire. The healers did what they could, but he will always appear this way. Once his body stopped screaming with pain with even the slightest touch, he knew it was time to leave. He would not return to teach the young master for he was a freak now. He would leave Minkai and go where there were less people to mock and stare.

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