Xia Asura, Valkyrie of vengence

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Xia Asura, Valkyrie of vengence

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She was manning the wall when she heard the explosions ring out. She looked over the wall to see the enemy attacking in waves and raced to try and help. As she fired at the attackers she looked on as her brother rode out to aid in the assault. She kept an eye out for him as she fired left and right at the enemy and made sure he would be ok, that is until the wall was rocked by a massive tremor and she was knocked down.
As she regained her bearings she looked for her brother, but couldn't find him in the turmoil. She hoped that he would be alright and continued aiding in the assault. until her attention was drawn to the main gate where she heard a handgun firing off a cascade of shots. She glanced just as a mass of explosive elemental energy ripped into the face of one of the large enemies, which she identified as some form of oni from her previous knowledge. The creature appeared to be wounded, and proceeded to assault the one holding the crackling weapon that had unleashed that salvo. She remembered them as being the vanguard of the important person who was currently at the camp, but as the battle continued she was forced to turn away an keep firing.
The next day Xia was busy packing her things until she was interrupted by the woman she had seen in the vanguard. The woman spoke of how she was sorry her brother had died during the battle, but Xia just told her to just leave her alone so she could finish getting ready to head out. The woman then surprised her by telling her that she knew why she was leaving and that if wanted she could join their party. She had apparently asked the leaders of the camp if any strong fighters might be willing to join them since they had had lost a companion during the battle as well and they had mentioned that Xia was going to go try and kill the demons who had taken her little brother from her.
The woman said that she didn't want to see her throw away her life by taking on the oni herself, but that if she was willing to come with her she promised that Xia would be able to exact her vengeance and have a much higher chance at living. Xia questioned why she was willing to do this for her. The woman told her that enough lives had been lost due to this conflict with no result, so if she could save one by her actions she would gladly do so, and she also had lost a friend to these demons so she knew what it was like to want to avenge a lost loved one. She said that she would give her time to decide and once she did come looking for Sierra.
After thinking it over for a few hours, Xia came up to the caravan and asked to speak with the woman. Sierra asked her what her decision was and Xia told her that she and Lucinda would like to join. When Sierra questioned who Lucinda was, Xia unslung her musket from her back, gave it a pat and said with a smile "My best friend."


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