The Merciful Healer

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The Merciful Healer

Post  Obizion on Sat Mar 16, 2013 11:59 pm

Omian Serei the son of a promising male cleric of Sarenrae; Argosh Serei a pathfinder whom specialized in purging the undead from the nearby catacomb’s of Omian’s village. And a elven woman whom he has never seen, and Argosh never spoke of Omian’s mother.

One day Argosh came home with a strange item, a skull that in the right light seemed to have glowing red circles in its eye sockets. Omian woke up one night and heard his father talking to someone. He sneaked to his father’s room and saw him talking to the skull. The skull never spoke and Omian quietly went back to his room fearful of what has come over his father. The next day at the temple of Sarenrae, Argosh gathered the villagers and told them he had a great message, “Sarenrae has spoken to me and I have been tasked with a very important matter. The undead was brought to live by one of you!” He yells aloud pointing his fingers at various villagers who responded with appall. “One of you is a necromancer and Sarenrae has told me to burn all and clear this land of the necromancer. At all costs…” He says then his eyes flash red as a giant pillar of fire appeared into the crowd and set villagers ablaze.

Omian had been away at a safe distance from the flames but his sight did behold the horrible man that was his father. Argosh laughed as he made columns of fire appear across the nearby houses and laughed. People burning as they panicked and he laughed, till one guard stabbed Argosh in the back and he fell to the ground. Though his body was dead the flames would take time to reach the end of their lives. Half of the village was destroyed and a third of the population was killed.

Omian tried to help in repairing the village and was apprehended by the guards. At the age of 4 he was to be executed for Argosh’s crimes of mass murder and tarnishing the name of Sarenrae. The only reason the boy didn’t get killed was Father Abernoth; a personal friend of the boy’s father and Omian’s god parent, whom used his influence of the village to allow the boy to live. The next 20 years Omian would learn how to heal the sick, and injured with a promise to heal the world and bring Sarenrae’s name honor that would succeed the shame brought by the life of Argosh.

Omian’s healing was put to the test when 2 hill giants attacked his village; he stood alongside pathfinders who had chosen his village to rest at. Though he never unsheathed his scimitar, his assistance in the divine power of healing gave the pathfinders the constitution stability to slay the hill giants. The largest pathfinder approached Omian, a large green man encased in heavy armor holding a giant axe. Omian shivered in fear and the green man placed a bare hand on his shoulders and smiles through his helm, “That was some fight was it not little one? Why don’t you come with us and be a pathfinder?” Omian was anxious to accept the offer and father Abernoth had no objections, provided Omian does visit home from time to time. Omian shortly became a pathfinder, with one dream in his heart, “to heal the world in the name of Sarenrae with the promise of life and redemption for all who seek it.”

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Re: The Merciful Healer

Post  Bella on Mon Mar 18, 2013 2:11 pm

Added line spaces. Also, just an FYi most of us will not be pathfinders, but it should be fine if you want to .

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