Wilbert "Wedge" Gates Jr.

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Wilbert "Wedge" Gates Jr.

Post  Wedge on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:28 pm

Why “Wedge”? Well, I’m named after my father, you know, but I always hated “Junior” and even my parents hated “Willy”. They started calling me Wilbert Junior, Wilberd Jay, then “Vee Jay” and that, finally, got condensed to “Wedge”. And that’s what most people call me. At least those who want to be on my good side.

Who my father? What, you've never heard of Wilber Gates? That’s the best news I've heard all day! All my life actually. My father is a powerful wizard. And not just a wizard, he’s the Magister of Tuskberg, the power that forged the Free State of the Greenbelt, the killer of immortals, liberator of people. From Sandpoint to Minkai, his name is synonymous with genius and power full magic.

And that’s what they wanted me to bo. All of them: my parents, my tutors, the people of Greenbelt, practically every person I met. To be a perfect little simulacrum of him. A wizard, a leader of the State, all that.

Well I preferred killing ‘wamp rats with my friend Luke. Down in the Narlmaches, those vermin grow to be over two meters!

But no. “Study your spell book, Junior. Haven’t you mastered that spell yet, Junior?! You father could do it by age 12, Junior!” Damn that tutor! Hah! He was more proud of being ‘The Magister’s Official Biographer” than of anything else.

And when I grew up it just got worse. Whatever I did, whatever decision I made, it was “your father would have done it better or quicker or cheaper or not at all.” Ugh! No way I could live up to those expectations. They weren't realistic. I couldn't be like him. Didn't want to be. Could I not be successful in my own way?

At last I've had enough. How could I reach my potential if I’m always compared to my dad? It was time to stand on my own two feet and see where they take me. But the world is too small to hide from a super-wizard with a scry spell. So I did some research, stole a Plane Shift scroll and came here. When I go back home, it will be on my terms. Perhaps, some day the greatest achievement of father will be that he is related to me and not the other way around.

Physical Description:
Wedge if moderately tall at 5’11” and weighing just 150 lbs., very slender. His narrow shoulders, slight stoop and big swordsman wrists combine to make him look a bit arboreal. He chooses his clothes and accouterments for their utility and comfort not style, favoring muted earth tones.


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