4. Finn’s Livery; Finnelaus

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4. Finn’s Livery; Finnelaus

Post  girdnas on Thu May 23, 2013 3:51 pm

"An adobe house in very poor repair fronts a fenced paddock. A few broken down nags munch on the sparse grass within. A large barn of faded planks stands next to the crumbling adobe with a sign painted on its side in large pink letters stating that this is Finn's Livery."

You met Finn, a well-built, lithe, and finely-featured elf who seemed none of those things thanks to his obvious inebriation. He was quite friendly after Wedge saved his bottle of rotgut with a well-timed bit of mage handery and told you this: "Yep, all them ogres and Bard's Gaters is surely dead. But the critters out in the Desolation don't eat horses so much. They prefer to eat what the horses is carryin. I expect my stock'll start tricklin back in a day or two."


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