7. The Usurer

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7. The Usurer

Post  girdnas on Thu May 23, 2013 10:21 pm

"This simple plank building is nonetheless of the finest construction in town (other than the wellhouse). A well-crafted stone chimney rises at the southern end, which boasts a well-fitting door facing the Common. The opposite end sports a pair of sliding double doors that likewise face the Common. During the day, these doors are open revealing a well-equipped blacksmith's workshop within. The other half of the building consists of the smith's dwelling. A sign above the double door depicts a gray coin and an anvil."

When you approached the business/residence of the Camp's unofficial leader, the double door was still closed, though the sound of smithing could be heard from within. At your knock, a tall and lean man with a great hooked nose and wide mouth full of seemingly too many teeth fitted tightly together answered. A shock of pale hair covered his head and watery blue eyes gazed at you, looking like two mirrors revealing nothing of his thoughts or demeanor.

When you met the Usurer, he informed you of the 5 to 1 exchange rate for gold/iron bits. He mints them himself. He listened patiently to Omian (rob) as he attempted to cajole him into a better rate. Rob elicited a small smile and even a compliment alluding to his "charm", but the Usurer obviously knows visitors to the Camp have no choice and therefor, no chips to bargain with. Or in this case, bits. rabbit


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