13. The Apothecary; Mama Grim

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13. The Apothecary; Mama Grim

Post  girdnas on Sun May 26, 2013 11:45 pm

"An old, artificial mound rises 20 feet into the air here. Its
sides are badly eroded from weathering, and a gaping hole
opens in one flank beneath a heavy stone lintel. It has the look
of an old tomb about it other than the garland of wildflowers
and herbs hung around the door frame."

This is an old barrow left over from the time
of the Battle of Tsar. Whoever was buried in it has long since been
forgotten, its contents removed. Its dark, cavelike interior now serves
as the abode of the Camp’s local apothecary, Mama Grim, a swamp
hag with baggy greenish-brown skin and sickly, jaundiced-looking
eyes. Her hair is a massive tangle of greasy black locks into which
she has tangled bits of feather, bone, and assorted detritus.

Her home is a clutter of
worktables, benches, drying racks, patches of growing mushrooms,
and distilleries with the occasional end of a bone protruding through
the dirt walls. One side is occupied by the fur-covered debris that
serves as a lair for her 2 pets. The entire place has a heavy, swampy
stench to it.

One of your group identified the pets as a rare breed of animal known as
"Goblin Bears". They resemble massive wolverines with toothy snouts, long,
sharp claws, and reddish-brown pelts. Though curled up and partially hidden
within their "beds", you could tell they were massive creatures, as easily as
large as Mama Grim herself, who towered over you at nearly 9 feet tall.

Mama Grim was pleased at your visit, saying the following:

“Oh yes, Dearie, the Desolation is dangerous, but it’s just the
doorstep. Beyond the threshold lies the truly dangerous. The ruined
city is far from abandoned, and those that abandoned it are far from
forgetting it. You be careful out there, Dearies. Such pretty young
morsels like you would make a fi ne meal for those that guard secrets
not meant to ever see the light of day.”


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