14. Clantock’s Furious Fourteen

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14. Clantock’s Furious Fourteen

Post  girdnas on Mon May 27, 2013 2:04 am

"This is a collection of hide tents clustered together around a
rudimentary parade ground."

Clantock is a half-orc warrior with multiple rings piercing his thick ears, lips, and the bridge of his nose. His crooked teeth are sharp and jut out from between his lips. He wears a well-crafted suit of scale mail and had a shield, scimitar, and light crossbow obvious upon his person when you met. Bulging from between the gaps in his armor is raw muscle, laced with scarring from blade and bolt. He appeared pleased to see potential customers.

The other members of the Fourteen were all either full orc or half-orc, and were in different stages of relaxation when you stopped by. Some snored from under tentflaps, others played dice on a low table, seated on the ground upon packs or bedrolls. A circular ring dug at the back of the camp contained two mercenaries sparring with daggers while a handful of others watched and threw insults and dirtclods. Your group got several long stares, especially Zuek. They all wore chainmail and had shields at hand, with battleaxes and heavy crossbows of decent make.

Clantock hires out his entire band for 100 iron bits per day plus 10 per day for food/expenses.


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