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Post  Wedge on Wed May 29, 2013 1:31 pm

This is just a brief summary of my Alchemist character - I'll do a background later.

Character Name: Dorian Black (used to be Blasksmith but was changed when his family migrated to Risur)
Race: Techno/City Dwarf - Intelligent, dextrous, skilled at engineering, craft, disable devise, Knowledge(local)
Theme Feat: Spirit Mediium - Unfinished Business Theme Feat: Speak to Dead 1/day as spellike ability
Class: Alchemist
Combat Role: Ranged striker - using alchemist bombs, splash weapons, and eventually firearms to deal damage from a distance. No melee combat (i.e. tank) capability. Very little controller or healer capability since most formula (i.e. spells) are self only.
Non-combat Role: Knowledge Ape - Arcana, Spellcraft, local, engineering, others at higher levels (nature), Craft Monkey - Alchemy, gunsmith, maybe others later. Skill Monkey - Disable Devise (not sure how this will work since I don't have the trafinding rogue ability so won't be able to find magical traps but should be able to deal with mech/tech devises). He'd also be able to make potions, alchemical items, guns, poisons (eventually), and other mechanisms (probably). (Not sure how much this will cost. Up to DM)

Role in RHC: Dorian day job is in R&D - developing and testing new mechanisms and alchemical concoctions for the RHC. Because of the Spirit Medium ability and technical knowledge (alchemy, engineering, spellcraft,etc.) he has been drawn into field work as consultant in several investigations.

Personality: Dorian is a goth with a bleak attitude. As if that mattered. (I'll add more later)
Appearance: Dorian dresses in all black and has his hair, beard and mustache dyed black (normally a redish brown).


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