9. Skeribar’s Ranger Guides

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9. Skeribar’s Ranger Guides

Post  girdnas on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:28 pm

"A collection of crumbling adobe buildings, lean-tos, and
tents surround a patch of surprisingly healthy and bountiful
garden. The mud-brick adobes are of obviously ancient construction
and have many gaps in their walls and roofs covered
by stretched animal hides and blankets. A small garden lies before
Skeribar's tent, bearing what is likely the only decent fruit and vegetables
for miles."

These are actually the last remnant of the garrison structures that
were built here to guard the well house (Area 8 ) during the Battle of
Tsar. Of poorer construction, they have not weathered the years as
well as the well house but remain habitable, if not comfortably so.

Skeribar the ranger and his guides reside here. When you visited the
area, you saw 3 other rangers with war dog companions. Skeribar's wolf
companion eyed you each one at a time as Skeribar explained the
terms of the guide agreement. He also told you:

“The worst of the Desolation’s horrors are in the Boiling Lands
where Nature has been warped and twisted beyond recognition. We
go there the least because of the great dangers involved. However,
we have made some progress in the Ashen Waste and have cleared
out many of the most dangerous encounters. It has the most potential
for successful adventuring and could probably be cleared of dangers
with a concerted effort.”

The guide you hired, Marad, is a young human man of Varisian descent,
with black hair and sharp features. At camp, he sits staring into the night,
speaking only when spoken to, brooding over something, absentmindedly
scratching at his companions ears. His war dog is a lithe hound with a smooth
dark gray coat and yellow eyes.

THE DEAL: They charge 50 iron bits per
day for the services of one guide. Partial days count as full, and an
estimated payment is required in advance to be settled up upon the
guide’s return. More than one guide can be hired at a time. A war dog
accompanies each ranger at all times. Skeribar is accompanied by his
wolf animal companion.


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