12. Bard’s Gate Embassy

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12. Bard’s Gate Embassy

Post  girdnas on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:40 pm

"This is a sod house complete with thatched roof and fi eldstone
chimney. Deeply recessed windows are blocked by
heavy wooden shutters. There are signs of recent repair to this

This is the residence of Bard’s Gate’s new diplomatic
envoy to the Camp. Sammar arrived a few weeks ago with the
Bard’s Gate caravan intent on reaching the exotic northern lands beyond
the Desolation in order to set up an established trade route. This
old house was refurbished, and Sammar was left behind as liaison
and coordinator for the trade route. When the caravan left with Gurg
and his ogre band everything seemed fi ne. Ever since the return of
the deranged and wounded Gurg, Sammar
has become highly worried over the fate of his comrades.


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