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Post  Bella on Fri Jun 21, 2013 9:50 am

Risur is christening its first ship powered solely by steam (RNS Coultongue).  a grand festival is occurring in the town and the crowd of thousands awaits the arrival of the king.  The party works with the police to canvas the crowd for anyone who would start trouble. 
Using various means, the group is able to pull out two people from a group called 'the Dokers.'  They were going to heckle and shout insults at the police.  As the party goers are finally allowed to cross the bridge and line the streets in anticipation for the kings arrival, a man is heard screaming at the gates.  The group pulls him aside and he introduces himself as Thames Grimsley.  He is currently attempting to create a Dockers guild in order to get better tights for his people. 
Currently the police and nobles harass (IE punches and kicks) the group for singing negative songs about them in tavern songs.  They are also arrested when they refuse to work 16 hour shifts loading and unloading cargo ships.
he implores the party to help him find the four people he knows are out here from the dockers group who want to start trouble.  The party found two but failed to locate the other 2.  With his help they are able to get to the other two before trouble is started.  Before he leaves with the 4 men, he asks the group to relay to the governor how bad it is for the Dockers and that, while he is doing the best he can, there will be blood in the streets if the Governor can't provide him some aid in relieving some of the tension.
After this encounter, the group meets with their superior officer (Delft) who tells them they did good.  He also has them meet Principle Minister Lee, the kings chief advisor and personal bodyguard.  He wants the group to be on the ship tonight as the king has a big announcement to make and he would like aid in judging the nobilities reaction to it.  Delft reminds the group that if anything should happen on board, they should do their best to handle it themselves as he will be busy charming the nobility. 
The group also helps the kings sister, Duchess Ethelyn of Shale, secure a room aboard the Coaltongue as she is getting up in years and would like to rest her tired bones before the kings announcement.  She is not the party type anyway.
The Coaltongue is then escorted out of the harbor for its maiden voyage by 8 other Risur naval ships.  It will sail out at sea for a few hours as the nobility continue the festivities aboard it, then return to shore again.
The group is expecting something will happen as this is Risur's first steamship which some are not happy with.  Risur has a tradition of magic and heart, not technology.  Technology is held high by their enemy, Danor.  Some feel Risur's move toward technology is not good for Risur.

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