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"Subtlety? What use is that when you beat the guy who you're stealing from unconcious? He can't complain then can he? Serves him right for trying to force himself onto that lass"

Not many could say that the mountain of muscles hadn't hit the nail on the head(and not just figuratively) as he recounted stealing from the cruel mayor of the small town while rescuing the young girl seated  beside him eating a meal. His massive silver hammer was glinting beside him as he told the group of listeners his story when the door was busted down by the guards of the town. "Excuse me gents and lady, I have some business to attend to so ill have to cut my story short" he said with a laugh and a grin as he snagged his hammer up and became a whirl of movement.

After he dusted himself off and finished tying up the 6 guards, the man tossed a small bag of gold at the tavern keeper and apologized for the mess. "Now that those nuisances wont be chasing me i can now move forward unhidered unto my next stop. The place where my brother and sister dissapeared after signing on to protect that caravan heading through there: the cursed lands surrounding Tsar." His playful mood seemed to dissappear as he made this last statement and looked out into the night.

And so the mountain man continued on his quest toward his lost siblings while helping out those who needed helping along the way.


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