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Day 25 of my search

Welp, during the first 2 weeks of my quest I did not have much luck in finding out any trace of my lost siblings, that is until a whisper of them having joined up with a caravan reached my ears. After some traveling and light plundering/righting injustices, I finally arrived at the town that borders the desolation surrounding Tsar, which is where the caravan they were a part of supposedly went.

I familiarized myself with the local townspeople, acquired a room for the evening, and eventually found myself at the local drinking establishment. The drinks were strong if a bit strange, but nothing i couldn't handle. The evening was going pretty well as I made small talk with one of the more attractive waitresses, when a group of loud-mouthed and rude mercenaries came inside. Recognizing them as the type to not think with their big heads and easy to take offense of anything, I figured that as long as they stayed out of my way I wouldn't have anything to do with them.

But of course, that decision was quickly revoked when they started to man-handle the little lass I had my eye on. The poor thing was trying to get away from the table the men were sitting at but they used their numbers and greater strength to bully her back to them. I gave them a warning about leaving the girl alone but they only sneered and kept on going. I gave them a second warning as I stood, which made them seem a little wary but they still didn't let her go. I decided enough was enough and picked up my trusty hammer, at which point the cowardly varmints decided that they would use their numbers to get the better of Ole Hue and the fight was on.

There were 5 of them that came at me and i knew that I'd have to even the odds a bit since apart from those 5 there were still the rest of the group which surely would attempt to jump me like a barrel full of rattlesnakes if i slew them. I let out a loud yell and displayed my great strength by demolishing a table in a single strike, which I saw made the yellow-belied mongrels start to back off, but the cries of their mates pushed them onward. They came in attempting to wrestle me down to the ground, to which i was able to push off all but one. The rest cowards then proceeded to try and stab me while i was partially held still, and I knew that trouble was brewing for this hombre until i heard the sizzle of electricity off the my left.

To my surprise it appeared that the mercs had also started a fight with a group of strangers on the other side of the bar, which was keeping reinforcements from coming to the aid of the five around me. Taking advantage of this, I drew my small mace and smashed it into the solar plexus of the varmint who was hanging onto me while roaring in his face. That fella let go of me and skeetered away from me as fast as he could while trailing something wet on the ground. I saw the strangers were holding their own against most of the mercs, so I did a quick sweep with my mace to smash the faces of the closest ones around me while yelling a battle cry. They all decided they didn't want to deal with the pounding i put on them and they ran outta the bar with their tails between their legs. Upon seeing a good chunk of their group leave, along with the strangers having killed a few of them as well, the rest of the cowards decided to take their losses and put some distance between the bar and themselves. I dusted myself off and asked the little lady i helped out if she was alright. She thanked me profusely and promised to make it up to me. And boy did she ever. Score one for Ole Hue.

I spoke with the strangers that had been attacked and told them about who I was and what i was here for. They explained that they were exploring the desolation and had a few leads they had been given to follow, one of which might lead to my lost siblings since a survivor from a caravan was held in one of the locations where they were going. I asked to go along, to which they accepted since they had recently lost a travelling companion who had decided to remain in the camp and set up a magical emporium. They also decided to bring along a peculiar young woman who had also helped them in the fight, but she is a mighty peculiar lass. She dresses in all black, seems to say whatever to many decisions, and seems to have a peculiar obsession with the undead. Especially vampires who apparently sparkle in sunlight. Oh well, I'll make sure the little lass is kept safe in the wilderness, even though I think the road is no place for a delicate thing like that.

We were debating where we wanted to go first, but the decision was made for us when the guides my companions use needed to go visit a druid haven. We tagged along on the their cattle run, but eventually ran into some trouble. As we were packing up after a night of resting, our little wagon train was assaulted by massive tornado creature made of flying metal and some smoke based devils. After some degree of trouble we managed to put the critters that attacked our small group while the guides put down another of the massive tornado creatures. We came out with some injuries, but the guides lost three of their members. We buried them and moved on as quickly as we could. After some more travel, this time uneventful, we came to the darnest thing I've ever seen. In the middle of dusty desolate land there stood an island of green.

We were led into the small jungle and eventually reached a small clearing with clear flowing water. There we spoke with the leader of the druids and were given a task to prove we weren't thinking of causing harm to the sanctuary they were building. We spent the night in the relative safety of the clearing, even though we had to relinquish our weapons which I was distrustful about, but not wanting to offend my companions I relented. I will now lay down to sleep and prepare for tomorrow's quest, which is hopefully another step forward in my search to find my lost siblings.


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