The nomad who knows abyssal and worships desna

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The nomad who knows abyssal and worships desna

Post  Obizion on Fri Aug 09, 2013 7:35 pm

I was once a child from a clan of nomads, i got to see so many different foods, trees and creatures of nature. But once i wanted to make my father proud and hunt a boar alone, it was going to be a surprise. I didn't find a boar in the forest but a small impish creature that snapped its fingers at me and i was paralyzed. I couldn't move a muscle as it put shackles nor could i shed a tear as i heard the sounds of my people screaming, i couldn't even run as the forest slowly burned. Demons had come to our land, captured the young, doing unspeakable things to us all. The imp summoned a giant hound, i was screaming in my own head as it opened its massive jaws and approached my head. Sadly it didn't kill me but pick me up by my tunic and carried me off to my new home.
  A stone prison; where all mortal races brought there were to dig and shovel our way to find something dear to them. As a first day celebration i was branded with a hot iron poker and then i was beaten by the nearby prisoners. I would have gotten myself killed if not for my cellmate; a starved man who taught me the language of the demons in exchange for some of my grub and also used his arcane powers to scare away the other prisoners. I recall a prison break that happened during year two of my imprisonment, my cell mate started a riot as he rallied few prisoners to fight against the task masters. His reserved magic, and his men using rocks and makeshift tools were no where near strong enough, i was scared and hid in my cell. I would never forget this and my dreams would make sure of it.
  I was five years old when the imp put me in shackles, after ten years of slavery came the day when i would lift my hands without pain. The day of the holy burst; it started as any day, I would get up from the floor and leave the cell that never had a door because they want you do to do something to make them kill you. I got to the dig site and picked up a stick with an lead shapes pick at the end and begin to dig. I remember yelling and screaming, i turned around and the guard was dead and before me was a man, not starved or pale but a tall man with skin colored by sun light. He pulled out a giant sword and I knelled thinking today was the day i would die, but he sliced off my shackles and gave me a hand to stand myself up. A small group of people were fighting the demons and destroying them, with real weapons and powerful magic, i thought i was saved till it showed up. The giant fiery dog that took me here long ago, the four soldiers united and through a massive battle of arrows, swords, fire breath and ground stomping the demon fell.
  They took the few remaining prisoners away from that place and were put in a temporary shelter made possible by the worshipers of Desna. They placed me in front of a table of food and water and skittishly i nibbled a piece of bread till one of them placed a bowl of soup in front of me. I ate heartily as i wept, one of them the man from before asked, "What is wrong is the soup not appetizing?" I shook my head, "The soup is great, i just do not know what to do now. My family died when i was young, i have no money to do anything and i do not know how to repay you all for your great kindness" He frowned a moment contemplating his answer and then he nodded his head, "why don't ya stick me, I could teach you the ways of Desna and then maybe one day you could break me out of prison." He says the last part smiling and that made me smile, his name was Yorin and he was like the father i lost. He trained me for the next six years, giving up being on the battlefield but I had this reoccurring dream in my head from prison. "The power is at Czar, where the ancient power to destroy the light slumbers. Czar it is the way to make a demon a god." Each night i slept i recall the conversation, i tried to tell Yorin of this but he wanted me to let it go. The last year after my twenty-first birthday he graduated me and said i could go adventuring but i had to write or else he would show up and steal my treasure. He gave me map and i knew that he understood in the end that i would go, that is how i made it to bards gate and here i am looking for the imp who imprisoned me and any of his friends who would dare imprison anyone!

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