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The Dark Valkyrie

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A cackling laugh ran out through the night as the prisoners were completing their escape from the prison. They looked at one another in panic and ran for all they were worth, knowing that each moment might be their last-for the Demon witch was on their trail. They split into small groups to make themselves harder to catch, but even that didn't seem to be enough when the booming sounds of gunfire tore through the night. Again the laugh ran out as they heard their fellow inmates screaming in pain and fear as the gunfire sounded again. Two of their number made it inside a building within the city and stopped to catch their breath, only to discover that they were not alone as the click of metal sounded near them. A harsh piercing voice spoke "So two little mice decide to hide away in a little hole, how appropriate. Well vermin, I have 2 questions to ask of you, and know that if i don't like the answers, I'll make sure you regret it. So here they are- how did you make your way out of the prison and where did that stone teleport that group of prisoners away to?" One of the prisoners yelled at her, "You're going to kill us anyway so go to hell you witch!" That maniacal laugh rang out as she said "Tsk, tsk. That's one wrong answer." A shot rang out and the man who had spoken yelled out as his left knee folded under him. The woman walked over  "Now you have 3 answers left so make them count. You can end up as a crippled hunk of meat if you'd like  and the same goes for your friend. Now talk, or in ten count you won't even be able to hobble." The other prisoner was looking desperate and began to talk "One of the new guys that got brought in helped us escape. He was interested in a group of mercenaries being kept prisoner for destroying a local bar in a fight. They came back from escorting a caravan from a place way out. The prison barriers block teleportation so he made sure there would be a big disturbance to cover their escape, which is why we all were set free instead of just them. The guy was real cryptic but he did say he needed them to lead him to something real important and that having people who had survived the dangers once already would make it much easier. I overheard em saying that the only place they could pick up supplies was Bard's gate since there was no other place nearby that was very civilized. That's all we know lady so please just take us back to prison if you have to but don't hurt us anymore," he finished almost in tears. She seemed to be in thought as she considered what he said. Seeming to reach a decision she suddenly let loose on the previously wounded prisoner with both guns, to the dismay of the other prisoner. She put away one gun and threw manacles at the remaining prisoner. "You told me what i needed to know so you live, his silence was his choice to not continue living. Put those on and start walking before i change my mind."

After the prisoner was put away, she spoke with the warden about what had occurred and what her plans were. He responded "Are you sure about this Melfina? If you're right about where they're headed, they are as good as dead anyway. There's really no reason for you to go to such a dangerous place." She smiled and let our her signature cackle, "No one has ever escaped this prison and not been accounted for my dear warden. I will find these men dead or alive." With this she left to return to her quarters in order to prepare for her trip into a place of danger that held her prize-the desolate lands of Tsar.


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