The small seeker

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The small seeker

Post  Specs on Tue Sep 03, 2013 4:29 pm

The road had been hard and full of challenges for the small figure that stood upon the brink of the desolate land. He had braved the dangers of the surface world many times, but no other trial he had faced compared in importance to the one before him. He had been called before the elders to brave one of the darkest sanctums of the realm of evil in order to see if it was possible to bring back prosperity and goodness to a place which had it taken away by dark rituals and horrible demonic energies. He was the Senior scout for his realm due to both his hardiness and to the success he had had brought to campaigns that had been thought impossible. And this quest would hopefully end the same way.

He had gotten a relatively detailed description of the state of the land from the scouts who had come before him to try and pave a way for a larger caravan, but they had been unable to pass through to the main city area due to the dangers posed by the surrounding lands. So the task had been brought before him to fight off the dangers of the wasteland with any aid he could find and attempt to clear the majority of the dangers and eventually report back with his findings.

He would make reports by carrier hawk which would relay messages once a month to report how the mission was going. To aid this, he was given a special coin that the hawk would be attuned to and be able to locate him or his body should he die. With the best of wishes and luck he was sent off to travel to the town of bard's gate where he would get rest before his forray into the wasteland. He knew this might be his greatest success or his last quest, but he would bravely face it either way for the glory of his kingdom and his own honor.


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