Bellas slave laber camp

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Bellas slave laber camp Empty Bellas slave laber camp

Post  Bella on Thu Sep 26, 2013 12:51 pm

UGH.  Bella. Make me this.  Bella. Make me that.  Whatever.

(I will keep track of everythign she is asked to make here as well as how many days to make. I will place them in order of crafting as well.)

The Work Queue (will update soon)

Wakko - 4 days left - belt of incredible dex upgrade from +2 to +4
Bella - 10 days - Necromancer's Athame

1. upgrade amulet of natural armor to +2
2. upgrade cloak of resistance to +4
3. create a headband of intelligence +2 with Use Magic Device as the skill and Abyssal as the language (I think you get a language as well, but I'm not sure).
4. boots of striding and springing

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