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It's not bragging it it's true! Empty It's not bragging it it's true!

Post  Wedge on Sun Sep 29, 2013 11:10 am

So listen to this. We defeat this whole gargoyle nasty. A nasty is a what a group of gargoyles is called, you know. There were almost 30 of them. We find ton’s loot too! So we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves. Bella, pops some a few of us over to Bard’s Gate to fence the loot and buy gear and such.

Meanwhile, there is this big rock blocking a tunnel. We figured the gargoyles blocked used it to block the tunnel because there was something down there they were afraid of. And something that scares a whole bunch of gargoyles should make for a pretty good fight, right?

So we use some spells to get almost all the way through the rock and stop to rest so that we’re fresh when go it and we’re resting in the rope trick, right? So the next morning, Wakko jumps out first and he screams “demons!” and then all we see under the rope trick is darkness! I’m about to go down but Servak pushes me out of the way and goes first. Then all sound from below stops! A silence spell, obviously. So I’m like:”Omian cast Blessing of Fervor on us” cause I figure I’ll be able to cast at least the weaker spells in silence. I take on gargoyle form, hop out and move to a good position. I got darkvision so I can see there are 2 babaus and some sort of boss demon. Just as I get there and about to cast, another babau appears and one of the bastards dispels my Fervor. Now I can’t cast, they’re resistant to weapon damage but what the hell, I lay into them anyways! Killed one pretty quick. Savek get’s a hold of the main guy and is pummeling him. Wakko is taking pot shots and doing pretty good even though he can’t see in the darkness. Then Bella pops out and fly up out of the silence to cast. I do the same, make my weapon cold iron and then head in to finish the big boss but the coward takes off. I’m about to follow when the damn babau dispels my gargoyle form! I charge him. He steps over the cliff and teleports away. Meanwhile the darkness and silence spells went with leader so Wakko can now see and he and Savek take care of the last babau.

After all that, we finally go through the rock and it was pretty disappointing, frankly. Nothing but some slime that take over your mind. We burned it out what whatever that’s worth. Make the world safe for gargoyles I guess.

The next day we’re ready to move on but Omian is like “No, we need to keep going down this canyon. Saranae says so.” So we go down the canyon and pretty soon we come to a half buried temple or something. There’s a ring of statues but thet’re all weathered away and there’s a huge marble slab - the kind that would be great to serve iced cream from - blocking the door. Saveka and I move it to take it down. The rest of the party are keeping their distance which I don’t like because it effectively splits us into two groups with the tanks in one and all our support in the other. If something separates us - a bunch of demon’s teleporting in, for example - Bella might get killed before I get a chance to get to her. And if Omian goes down, we’re all in bad shape, you know? Anyways, they are busy ignoring my advice when these anoya-demos - forgot their names - pop out and start casting stinking clouds all over the place. I take gargoyle form and fly out of the cloud. The rest of the party is already flying, including Savek but he stays below and keeps messing with slab! I yell for him to stop messing with the slab and come help with these demon things but he’s like “there might be shelter in there”. I’m like “you’re stupid, they’ll just fill it with stinking clouds plus there’s probably something in there that’ll bite your head of”. But he continues to ignore the voice of reason, stays in the cloud and eventually brings the slab down. Meanwhile, Bella lets loose with a fireball, I go to her and slice up a couple, Wakko starts shooting and pretty soon, it’s all over. And Savek is like:”Look at me, I removed the slab! Ain’t I great?” Fool!

Once the stinking clouds clear we go into the temple. There’s an iron bottle on the floor. It is so obviously a trap that I grab Savek by his red cape and tell him: “no Savek, don’t touch that bottle.” Wakko figures out how it works and replaces the bottle with a bag of sand. Must have worked since the trap never went off.

There was an ooze in the adjoining room. Omian’s flame burst and a bunch of shocking grasps from me and Bella took care of it. In hindsight, I should have sliced it in two before the area of effect spell. Each half would have been weaker and probably died easier.

After that we proceed further into the temple when Wakko hears something. We stop and try to figure out what it is. Bella even uses her lifesight but we don’t notice anything until this demon pops out and mauls Omian pretty bad. This demon was pretty fierce: all covered in scorpions and buffed up with spells. Omian steps away and starts healing. Savek moves up and get’s a hold of him. That boy might be dumb but he’s damn good when it comes to fighting spellcasters and at making sure his opponent stays put. I can’t get at the demon with my sword, plus I know it won’t do much damage since I know those types of demons are resistant to damage unless the weapon is good. So I yell for Omian to make my weapon good and start pummeling the demon with snowball but I his spells are throwing my aim off. Bella casts some boneshatters and calcific touches. That’s pretty effective but I know we’ll need more. Wakko’s arrows aren’t doing much and he’s line of sight is lousy. Omian get’s smacked by the demon again and is busy healing himself. Savek is get’s a few hits in but it doesn’t look that effective plus it looks like hitting the demon effect whoever hit him.

I think about having Savel step back so that I can take a swing but the demon starts trying to cast and Savek is preventing him from doing it. I don’t want to mess that up so tell Bella to dimension door us behind the demon. And poof - Savek and I now have him flanked. Wakko line of sight is better too and Omian finally does up my weapon. I smack the demon and figure out what was happening to Savek! Whoever hits the demon get his strength drained! The demon finally gets a spell off and goes invisible. I know where it was so I take a few swing and connect! He goes down! But I’m so weak I barely give Bella good smack on the rear. Hehe. Omian helps out, we put the slab back up and rest for the night.


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