Gale and Sylph Forzen

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Gale and Sylph Forzen

Post  Specs on Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:18 pm

Gale and his sister, Sylph, arrived at the small encampment next to the desolate lands, after a long hard journey. The cause of their journey was to find their missing adopted father. The old tiefling who had taken them in as small urchins had helped them become capable adventurers as they traveled with him, but for some reason he had not taken them along on this trip. All they knew was that he was after some long lost artifact held by his great-great grandfather during the war of the army of light. Reclaiming it was of great importance to him so that he and his family line could stop suffering from the curse placed upon them by a foul demon who had supposedly taken the sacred relic along with his great-great grandmother while she tended the army of light's wounded . He said new information had arisen on the relics whereabouts and that he would return in a couple of months at the latest. That date of expected return had come and gone with no messages or contact, so the duo set out to find their missing parent.

They both hoped to find him alive at least, for they cared deeply for him and wished no ill to befall him, but they knew that by this point he might be dead, sad as that may be. Should that be the case, they would bury him properly, finish his quest, and also slay any who might be responsible for his death. An idea of just who that might be would start with the hooded messenger who had arrived at their home in the middle of the night with the news that started their father's journey in the first place.

For now, all the siblings could do was take refuge in the camps lone inn with the very curious emporium attached to the side of it and hope to find some clues in the morning from the residents.


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