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Sepulcher of the Last Justicar Empty Sepulcher of the Last Justicar

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As has partially already been spoken by Wedge to all who will listen, shortly after their triumph over the gargoyles, deeper in the same box canyon they laired in, the party found a buried structure and fought a small group of lesser demons. The next day, the group entered the face of the buried structure only to find it was a lost temple and tomb to a hero of the Army of Light. Aberrations and demons alike were defeated, though the Daraka demon that lay in wait drank heavily of Omian's blood before being slain. A hope was saved from a foul enchantment, and led them to the tomb of Gerrant of Gilboath, Last  of the Holy Order of the Justicars, paladin-champions of the goddess Muir known for their relentless crusade against evil and chaos generally and the machinations of Orcus specifically. The inner chamber of the last justicar is described below.

"A feeling of immense peace and sanctity fills this vaulting subterranean chamber. White stucco covers the walls and domed ceiling, and unlike elsewhere, shows no signs of cracking or peeling. The murals painted here are still as vivid as if they were done yesterday. All along the walls are painted rows of kneeling robed pilgrims, heads bowed with reverence or despair, all facing the far end of the room. The holy symbols of many good and neutral religious orders are present on their robes and in their hands. The 20-foot dome above is painted like a cerulean sky with wispy white clouds. Gathered among these clouds are numerous angels and celestial beings, all weeping and likewise facing the room’s far end reverently. Near the room’s far end is a pedestal holding a massive spear point still attached to part of a broken shaft. The point itself is of some dark metal pitted with corrosion and stained with long-dried blood and foul ichors. Next to this wicked-looking weapon on the pedestal is a large blacksmith’s hammer forged of cold iron and heavily
scarred with a network of fine cracks in its head. Between these two is a cloven skull. Beyond the pedestal rests a crystal bier. Upon it is the beatific form of handsome knight — the one depicted in the murals — lying in repose with a peaceful expression as if merely sleeping. Shining plate armor covers the knight from neck to feet, marred only by a large gash in the breastplate. Clasped in his gauntleted hands upon his breast is a sword that glows with light like a torch."

When approached, the ghost of Gerrant rose, and spoke to the party, saying,

“I am Gerrant of the Holy Order of the Justicars. Look upon my mortal remains and weep, for I was laid low by betrayal most foul. I swept through the hordes of Orcus beside my boon companion Alaric, and none could stand before us on the field of battle. Demons quailed at our approach. Where united we could not fall, in division the Demon Prince created our undoing. Alaric was called away to defend his home at the holy city of Tircople from barbaric invasion instigated by Orcus. I alone remained of the Justicars to fight for our cause."

“A captain of the Army of Light, whose name has been stricken from memory by the gods for his betrayal, led his company into an ambush knowing that I would come to help them at their call. I arrived to find it all an elaborate trap. The captain’s company consisted of only the walking dead, previously slain through treachery and raised again to lure me to
my peril. The company of undeath turned on me as did their attackers, a swarm of demons. But last came the linchpin in the ambush, a foul cloud giant of demonic blood wielding a spear forged of darkness. I smote the captain and called upon the power of Muir to rout the demons and undead, but the fiend-giant used my distraction to pierce my chest and
lay me low."

“The betrayal weighs heavy on my soul, and I cannot rest easy. The treacherous captain has been dealt with, and the fiend-giant was slain by my vengeful allies, his wicked spear destroyed. Even the hammer that forged the instrument of my demise was claimed from the field of battle. All that remains is the anvil upon which the spear was formed. The existence of that is all that anchors me here to this place. Any who would recover the anvil from the ruins of the city and return with it here would be forever called my friend. I know not where it lies; only that it still exists within the precincts of the temple-city. Despoil not my tomb and return with the item I seek so that I may rest, and I will grant you a boon of inestimable worth. Heed the words of the Last Justicar, and serve the will of the Three Gods.”

The hope thanked her rescuers and remained behind to continue guarding the last justicar's tomb, until you can return with the anvil.

Shortly after this, the group defeated a hideous construct made of the bones of angels, freeing their tortured souls. Even the least caring of them found it disturbing, or so it seemed, for they left the Chaos Rift and never returned, having solved but a fragment of its' mystery.


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