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Glenda had heard much about the destruction of the area surrounding the dark city of Tsar, but witnessing it in person made the descriptions fall sorely short. Regardless, she needed to fulfill her oath to her friend and mentor Zuek, which she had been unable to do when he initially left due to having been on another quest for the monastery herself. The small blue one had taught her much in controlling her rage and frustration from being an outcast from society at the monastery and had become her friend in the process. All she had to go on was a letter he had left her detailing his reason for leaving the monastery and that she was welcome to come join him if she wished. She had immediately made preparations for the journey and made haste to go help her friend find out about his mysterious heritage, hoping that she still might be of use to him in his quest. And hence she had arrived at this lonely outpost on the edge of oblivion.

Shortly after arriving she inquired about anybody having seen someone matching Zueks description, but had no luck until a man name Dismas heard of her inquries. He expressed his sincere apologies but told her how her friend had met his end in a fight out on the desolation while attempting to clear a safe path to Tsar with an adventuring party and his body was utterly destroyed. He also told her that some members of the party were still alive so far as he knew and that they had begun heading to the city proper recently when she asked if the party had any success in clearing the way after her friend's demise. Wiping tears from her face Glenda steeled her resolve and thanked the man for his help, but had to ask one more favor of him. She needed to know if there was anyone who could lead her to the city itself so she could attempt to find these adventurers and perhaps finish her friends quest in his stead so that his spirit might know rest in the afterlife. Dismas told her that there was a group of rangers who might be able to do it for the right price, and that she should inquire with them about helping her. She said a prayer of good luck for him and went off to attempt to start a new quest to discover just what it was that had led her friend to his demise, and who had sent forth the letter than started it all in the first place.


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