To Live and Die in Tsar

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To Live and Die in Tsar Empty To Live and Die in Tsar

Post  Wedge on Fri Aug 01, 2014 11:33 am

We have recently lost another party member. But better him then us. Gale really tried to get everyone killed but in that he failed.
I've never seen anyone take as much damage as he has without dropping. I've never seen anyone take so many stupid risks either.

We were flying over the marshy area of Tsar. Most of the group was in a nice defensible formation. Gale, of course flew off by himself and if that wasn't enough started yelling to us about everything he saw. Nice and stealthy, that. We tried to ditch him in the mangroves but he eventually caught up and when he spotted movement below just dove into the grove without telling anyone or anything.

The movement turned out to be some trolls hunting a big old snake. The snake grappled Wakko and filled him with poison, Gale fought the trolls who entangled him in their net and had him surrounded. I channeled my most powerful shocking grasp into my blade and killed the snake in one blow. Omian proceeded to cure Wakko's poison, Bella and I blasted the trolls with fireballs as an invisible naga turned visible and cast a spell. Bella suffocated the naga (I know she takes my breath away, especially when she bends over!) and I helped Gale clean up the trolls. One of the trolls surrendered and told us of a place in the mangroves that no one return from alive. We proceeded there at once.

Gale, in the lead and too far ahead for mutual support or healing, got there first and decided to take a dip in the black, black waters. Well, I told you he was tough, not smart. A multi-tentacled bog tyrant surfaced right under him and proceeded to alternately pummel and strangulate Gale. A ginormous crocodile grabbed me as I tried to reach Gale but Bella disintegrated it setting me free. However more crocs surfaced preventing me from getting to Gale before he was torn to shreds. He did do massive damage to the tyrant and we cleaned up the crocs, seven in all, and the tyrant in good order. Found some gold and we'll give Gale's share to his sister who is looking rather sad.

I think I'll go over there and comfort her. Bella is sure to appreciate that.


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