Pythia VS the farmers Daughter round 2

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Pythia VS the farmers Daughter round 2 Empty Pythia VS the farmers Daughter round 2

Post  Bella on Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:22 pm

Pythia is relaxing on the catwalk on the trading post reading a book. Sighing, she looks over to Pip who has just appeared beside her.

Pythia: “How’d you find me? “ she says closing her book.

Pip: “Wilburd told me where you were.” She says says sitting down and putting her chin on her fist.

Pythia: “Uh Huh…” she says. (I’ll remember that) she thinks. Can I help you?

Pip: “Whacha reading?” she asks.

Pythia: “A Book”

Pip: “What book?”

Pythia: “This one”

Pip: “Whats it called?”

Pythia: “The adventure of sir Reginald”

Pip: “does it have any pictures?”

Pythia: “Nope”

Pip: “umm” she says, bored. “I like to be read to….” She says looking over to Pythia.

Pythia: “Where are you going with this?”

Pip: “Will you read to me?”

Pythia: “Will you play with someone else if I don’t?”

Pip: “No”

Pythia: “Your gonna stay no matter what aren’t you?” She says with a sigh.

Pip: “Yeah” she says with a overly loud bored sigh.

Pythia thinks for a bit. “Ok… I have a GREAT story for you” she says, a wicked grin on her face.

She tells the tale of Candlemere Tower. An ancient tower located far in the Stolen Lands. As she mentioned the ghost lights that dance around the tower, the beasts that live in the water, and evil sprits that haunt the tower itself, Pip hugs her bear tighter and tighter. As pythia gets to the part about the family spending the night there, Pip screams and runs off.

Pythia, feeling mildly guilty, smiles, sits back, and enjoys her book.

That night, as she sleeps, she is woken up by a loud knock on her door. Sleepily, she opens her door to see the farmer there.

Farmer: “Your fault. Your Problem.”

Before she can open her mouth, Pip flys into her room and under her covers. She looks back to the farmer, but he has already started to go back to his room.

Pythia learned a valuable lesson that night: Pip does not share the bed well.

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Pythia VS the farmers Daughter round 2 Empty Re: Pythia VS the farmers Daughter round 2

Post  Wakko on Wed Jun 08, 2011 9:28 pm


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