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Pythia Delphi

Post  Bella on Wed Apr 20, 2011 3:55 pm

(Don’t worry William, her attitude changes. I plan on playing her as benevolent.)

Pythia Delphi is a daughter of a prominent member of House Orlousky. She is an attractive brunette, but not overly so.

Raised as an aristocratic scholar, she is sent to accompany the group to Oleg’s outpost and help answer any questions that the party has about the Greenbelt, as well as any mysteries they may discover. She is also expected to help in any diplomatic relations that are required with any indigenous people of the Greenbelt. She Is to stay at Oleg’s and help the party as necessary.

She is accompanied by a patrol of 5 men. The leader of the patrol is Kesten Garess, who volunteered for the trip. They are to help escort her to Oleg’s and then return to Restov after she gets there safely.

The party quickly discovers that she is truly an aristocratic brat at heart. She constantly complains of Jorge’s characters stench and finally demands Jorge’s character ride behind her so that he is downwind.

She complains to the ranger that his companion is attracting bugs. She doesn’t understand why he couldn’t leave it behind.

To the rogue/scout, she demands they find her some shade.

To James’ character she would whine for him to make it less humid.

She has demand the patrol carry her stuff.

The party is a set to arrive at Oleg’s in 2 hours when something odd happens.

Jorge’s character, who was riding behind the group, says he thought he saw a small amount of gray smoke materialize above Pythia and quickly descend towards her. As it reached her, she let out a painful gasp which caused William’s character to turn around. He swears it looked like it went into her eyes. Pythia then slumps in her saddle, unconscious. When inspected, she had blood stains under her eyes.

Since the group is so close to the outpost, it is agreed on that the patrol would take the mounts and ride to Oleg’s with her. They would leave her at Oleg’s if it was safe and ride hard to Fort Serenko to get help. They will use the extra mounts the PCs were lent to get there faster.

The group arrives at the outpost a few hours later.

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