Wilberd's Trips to Restov

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Wilberd's Trips to Restov Empty Wilberd's Trips to Restov

Post  Wedge on Mon Sep 19, 2011 4:51 pm

After mastering the Teleport spell, Wilberd will make several trips to to Restov and other locations. The purpose of the trips would be:

  1. Purchase spells and magic items not available in the FSG. Other characters would of course be welcome on these shopping trips.
  2. Learn useful teleport locations from wizards (or other spell casters) who can teleport there. (i.e. if a wizard I know can teleport to some place I have never been, I get him to teleport us there, learn the place well enough to be able to teleport there myself, and then teleport us back. In exchange, I can teleport the other wizard to places he may want to see but hasn't been to.) In addition to major cities on the continent, which would offer more variety of spells, items, and resources (i.e. scholars and books), I'd be interested in various areas around Brevoy, the Stolen Lands, and surrounding nations (e.g. Fort Dredlev, Pitax, etc.)
  3. Gather intelligence and set up intelligence networks. Ilya (the bard) and/or Molly would come with me on these trips and use their skills to gather information and make contacts. The contacts need not be high placed - chamber maids and bar tenders know all sorts of secrets (and are much more vulnerable to Charm Person spells).


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Wilberd's Trips to Restov Empty Re: Wilberd's Trips to Restov

Post  Bella on Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:08 am

These are all fine. We can play them out as the months pass from Kingdom building.

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