Ilya Nalevoy (bard) purchase list

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Ilya Nalevoy (bard) purchase list Empty Ilya Nalevoy (bard) purchase list

Post  Wedge on Sat Sep 24, 2011 1:01 pm

  1. Bracers of Archery, Lesser (5000 gp)
  2. Eternal wand of Gravity Bow (820 gp, this is just like William's wand of Lead Blades except it works for bows)
  3. Upgrade Bow to +2 (6000)
  4. Efficient Quiver (1800 or 1350 if Wilberd makes it)
  5. 40 Alchemical Silver Arrows (6gp, -1 damage)
  6. 40 Cold Iron Arrows (2 gp)
  7. Upgrade Cloak of Resistance to +3 (5000 gp or 3750 if Wilberd makes it)
  8. Upgrade Belt of Dex to +4(12000 or 8000 if Wilberd makes it


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