Information about Pitax

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Information about Pitax

Post  Bella on Fri Jan 27, 2012 12:29 pm

What you learn from your spies.

Pitax - CN

Qualities: Academic, notorious, strategic Location, Tourist Attraction

Danger +15

Government: Overlord

Population: 15,781
Population Attitude: nervous - 4 months ago, the city of Littletown was destroyed. The inhabitants were either eatten or caried off. Knowone knows for sure what happened as there were no known survivors. Some claim they heard loud sounds in the air that night. Littletown was part of the Pitax empire. It was located about 36 miles north west of Pitax. The King has brought some troups closer to Pitax to help gaurd the city and keep people calm. Some feel that King Irovetti is not the rightful king and rule should be returned to the previous council (who lost rulership in a card game). A small rebellion occured a three months back but the king crushed it.

Notable NPC's
King Irovetti ? (can't be read)
Drug Dealer Kharne Vereel (NE)
Headmistress of the Academy of Grand Arts - Atalia Gitaren (NG)
Owner of the Serpent's Breath Trade House - Xapiri Yasmina (LE)

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