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Post  Specs on Fri Dec 07, 2012 7:37 pm

Hey yall Bob here Smile just wanted to let yall know a little bit about me since my wayward Patroness Sierra seems to have ignored that. I'm a good fella who just wants to make the world a better place and make sure all the evil beings in the world are destroyed. Apart from that here are some basic facts about me.
1.I don't like most evil beings with intent to rule the world.
2.I'm concerned Kai will be killed in his sleep by Amiko, and maybe Joe too...gonna have to keep an eye on that girl.
3.I may be a bit rash in my decision making but i use my brain and life experiences to guide my path.
And finally 4. While I may think Sierra does seem to send me into dangerous situations with no concern for my safety...she does keep me well supplied, paid and relatively healed so thats my reasons for following my hair brained Paloracle.(Coined that one myself patents pending approval from the emperor)

Bob's combat stats
HP 72
Init 10
AC 25 touch ac 17 flat 19
Saves fort:9 ref 8 will 7
CMB 1 CMD 17
Weapon +1 bane corrosive revolver +11 x4 crit 1d8+1d6+5 this is factoring in just deadly aim. he also has rapid shot for another -2 and deadly aim +within 30 ft
Amateur gunslinger 1 grit has quick clear deed
Knowledges: arcana 14 dungeoneering 14 engine 11 geogr 11 history 11 local 14 nature 11 nobili 11 planes 14 religion 11
Acrobatics 14, climb 5, swim 5, perception 8, stealth 6, spellcraft 15


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