Dismas, the Good Thief

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Dismas, the Good Thief

Post  Wakko on Sun May 26, 2013 1:33 pm

I am a thief. Oh, some may call me a rogue, trap-finder, treasure hunter, but they are wrong. I am a thief. I grew up in the bowels of the thieves guild. It is said that my mother made love to a demon or other foul outsider. I don't know. All I know is that I grew up in the guild, nursed by old nursemaids, and raised to pick pockets and slit money bags. I grew up with another thief called Gestas. He was my friend until he betrayed me to the authorities. After robbing a noble's fine home, he went on ahead to escape. What I didn't know was that he tipped off the watch before the robbery. So I was left holding the bag, as it where. I was caught and sent to jail, but managed to escape when a riot broke out. I really don't remember how I started it. I made my way back to the guild, intent on revenge, but the watch had already beaten me to it. Apparently, Gestas's friend in the watch betrayed him, too. I snuck out of there, and hired on to the first adventuring group willing to hire me. I never stole from them and that's the gods honest truth. But they was killed by a dragon whose lair they tried to raid. Most of them was roasted alive. I am not a stupid man. I knows when to hide, and I hid. Took what I could salvage from their bodies (what was left) and went back to town. Another town, that is. I keep track of where's I been. But you can trust me, I'm the good thief.

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