8. Well House

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8. Well House

Post  girdnas on Sun Jun 02, 2013 10:16 pm

"This building is unlike any other in town. Of tightly fi tted
mortared stone, it is obviously ancient but has weathered the
years well. It consists of an octagonal building with a conical
roof, also of stone. A stout wooden door—not the original—
opens towards the Common. Crudely carved into the door are
the words KEEP KLOZED"

This edifi ce is a relic of the long ago war. When the Army of Light
fi rst arrived on the fi eld that would later become the Desolation, they
dug many wells in order to adequately water their huge force. As
the battle dragged on and greater and greater escalations of violence
and mayhem occurred, the disciples of Orcus poisoned many of their
water sources. To protect these precious resources, stout fortifi cations
were built around them and strong garrisons were stationed to
protect them. This well house survives from that time. Its location
and ease in defending has dictated this as the continued location of
the Camp for generations. The well itself is 150 feet deep with 30 feet
of water. A crank pulls a long chain bringing the steel well bucket to
the surface. Anyone is free to use the well as long as they close the
door against wild animals.


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