The Ashen Waste

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The Ashen Waste

Post  girdnas on Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:11 pm

"Lonely blows the wind across the Ashen Waste carrying with
it the signature white dust that coats everything it touches —
armor, weapons, noses, throats, eyes — with a chalky layer.
The horror of the bones storms can suffocate those caught
in them or cause them to become separated from their companions
and lose their way. The howling of the wind speaks
in the voices of those souls lost long ago in the battles of
ancient days and includes the keening of the horrible undead
spirits known as screamers. The monotony of this bleak land
is broken only by the occasional barrow mound raised by the
armies of old to inter their honored dead before finally retiring
from the field in the fateful flight that ended in the misnamed
Forest of Hope."


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