The man who bears the evils of two

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The man who bears the evils of two Empty The man who bears the evils of two

Post  Obizion on Sat Jul 06, 2013 7:05 pm

My name is Jahano, i am an oracle much like my fraternal brother lenny. At a young age we both shared the same ability to be oracles, though he saw fire the day his arms combusted with both power and pain, and where i saw life and a ghost name Benji. As teenagers he got alot of attention from being able to kill with his fire power, and i was ignored for healing is always unnoticed by the youth. One day i corrected my brother on a simple matter, i dont recall what it was but all of a sudden he challenges me to a fight. He tried to punch me and his weak black hands don't hurt. Then i punched him in the nose and he placed his fingers beneath his nose and at the sight of blood he became enraged. He aimed his hands at me and shot fire, the fire burned me but then i lose myself. Benji moved a knife from a nearby vendor onto the ground behind my brother, so when i had punched Lenny again he fell onto the ground and died from the knife piecing his heart. As the life slowly drained from his eyes Benji laughed as my arms started to burn and i realized this was all a joke to the ghost. To the winner of the fight came the bearing of the other's sin, I was banished from my home neither my mother nor father would look me in the eyes. So I left to go to the city with my few possessions and sadly the ghost of Benji was always right behind me. Only this ghost wasnt the man i fought with but the boy i use to look up to and shared my childhood with. I went to a store in the city and before i could purchase my items and leave two men charged through the door and pointed swords at me. I heard Benji tell me, "Burn these fools, they are mean and will do you harm." I tried to talk the men down from this action. One drew my blood when he slices at my face and much like Lenny that time ago, when i placed my fingers on the cut and saw the blood dripping on my finger. Did i raise my hands and burn the two men in a ray of fire, the lady who owned the store called me a hero. This didn't matter to me but i was asked to join the guard, though I put a healer not a fighting man, as a man who bears two sins I am in no hurry to see the afterlife.

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