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Post  Specs on Sun Feb 23, 2014 2:06 pm

So far the group I am with has started its journey into the dark city citadel, but no sign of our father has been found. We have fought a multitude of undead and destroyed a living tower which was guarding the entrance into the main gate and are currently clearing out another undead infested tower. I don't personally believe father came this way since he has a more subtle touch than to just walk in through the front door, but we must carve our own path through if there is a chance to find him. My group has recently been joined by the female member's brother while she goes off to take care of some personal matters, but I shall miss her delicious cooking, for it reminded me of your home cooked meals. For now the search for father is going slowly but much progress is being done. I hope the status pendant that keeps you updated on how im doing is still working just like mine is, and i hope to have more good news in a short while. For now we have travelled to bard's gate to sell and resupply, along with getting some new equipment for our travels. I hope to be able to see you soon and wish you good luck with charming some more free drinks from travellers you were telling me that have arrived recently. From your loving brother, Gale


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